I am currently a PhD candidate at the department of computer science at Florida State University, where I do research on performance modelling and simulation of networks and software defined networking.


A Comparative Study of SDN and Adaptive Routing on Dragonfly Networks - SC'17
P. Faizian, M. A. Mollah, Z. Tong, X. Yuan and M. Lang
Throughput Models of Interconnection Networks:the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - HotI'17 -- [Paper]
P. Faizian, M. A. Mollah, M. S. Rahman, X. Yuan, S. Pakin and M. Lang
Traffic Pattern-based Adaptive Routing for Intra-group Communication in Dragonfly Networks - HotI'16 -- [Paper] [Slides]
P. Faizian, M. S. Rahman, M. A. Mollah, X. Yuan, S. Pakin and M. Lang
Random Regular Graph and Generalized De Bruijn Graph with k-Shortest Path Routing - IPDPS'16 -- [Paper] [Slides]
P. Faizian, M. A. Mollah, X. Yuan, S. Pakin and M. Lang


Graduate Research Assistant

2015 - Present
Florida State University Department of Computer Science, Tallahassee

At Explorer Lab we focus on designing and evaluating efficient communication infrastructure for extreme-scale distributed computing systems. My research mainly revolves around design and evaluation of topologies, routing schemes and large-scale network architectures. I am also interested in Software Defined Networking (SDN) which is an emerging networking technology that allows software innovation in network control.

Graduate Research Assistant

2013 - Present
Florida State University College of Education, Tallahassee

I work with a team of researchers and developers at Cyberlearning design and research lab to design and develop an educational game to assess and increase math competency in middle school students. My responsibilities mainly include developing the game in Unity3D and creating a classification and prediction model to assess math competency of the players based on their game performance.

Software Engineer Intern

Summer 2015
Datamaxx Group Inc., Tallahassee

I worked in Datamaxx as a software engineering intern where I was responsible for developing a visitor management and background check system for corporate and education sector customers. During this internship I used ASP.NET and MVC framework.

System/Network Administrator

2002 - 2012
Sharif Industrial Company, Tehran

At Sharif, I was mainly responsible for network and workstation setup and maintenance. I also developed an inventory management system to keep track of IT assets throughout the company and their maintenance history.

Honors and Awards

Student Travel Award - IPDPS'16
Student Travel Award - HotI'16
Best Research Presentation - FSU CS Expo'15
First Place - FSU 3-Day Startup'14