Week Date Topic Lecture Slides In-Class Examples Assignment/Quiz/Exam/Others
1 08/30/2016 Introduction Syllabus
09/01/2016 FSU Closed. No Class. Thanks Hermine!
2 09/06/2016 FSU Closed. No Class. Thanks Hermine
09/08/2016 Intro to HTML and CSS Intro_Slides spongebob.html
3 09/13/2016 HTML and CSS basics HTML2 Term Project
09/15/2016 Basics - Cotinued sopngebob1.html Due: Project teams and topics
4 09/20/2016 Class Canceled. Instructor sick.
09/22/2016 Class Canceled. Instructor sick.
5 09/27/2016 Adding CSS to HTML Adding CSS sample.html
Project Proposals due.
Syllabus updated.
09/29/2016 CSS Continued. HTML Layouts and media. HTML media morehtml.html
CS Account Creation Guide
Homework due on Saturday
6 10/04/2016 HTML forms and Browser engine HTMLforms simpleForm.html Project milestone dates updated.
10/06/2016 Introduction to JavaScript JavaScript_intro Quote Issues
Web Servers
7 10/11/2016 JavaScript Coding JavaScript2 Example1
Project milestone1 due
Command Line Guide
10/13/2016 JavaScript Coding - Control Structures JavaScript 3 Example4 Midterm on October 27
8 10/18/2016 JavaScript - Loops, Numbers and Strings Such JavaScript LoopExample Operator Precedence
10/20/2016 JavaScript - Strings, Objext, Events and Form Validation Look at Tuesday's Look at LoopExample.html
9 10/25/2016 Midterm Review Midterm Study Guide Comments added to Loop Example JavaScript Reference
Homework 2 due.
10/27/2016 Midterm
10 11/01/2016 JavaScript Arrays and Regex JavaScript5 Objects
11/03/2016 Midterm Solution discussion Arrays
11 11/08/2016 Intro to angularJS AngularJS Dr. Strange
11/10/2016 Intro to Software Engineering and Bootstrap Software Engg
Milestone 3 due.
12 11/15/2016 Intro to SQL MySQL
11/17/2016 MySQL Continued Homework 3 due
13 11/22/2016 Thanksgiving. No Class
11/24/2016 Thanksgiving. No Class
14 11/29/2016 Intro to PHP PHP Intro PHP-MySQL Interaction
12/01/2016 More PHP PHP2 code
Homework 4 due.
Project deadline extended to 12/08
15 12/06/2016 Final Review FinalGuide HW2Solution
HW3 Part1
HW3 Part2
HW3 Part3
12/08/2016 Project Demos No volunteers. Class canceled. Project Final Milestone due.
16 12/15/2016 Final Exam At 5:30 PM, In Class