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" As a scientist, you're probably not going to get rich. Your friends and relatives probably won't understand what you're doing. And if you work in a field like elementary particle physics, you won't even have the satisfaction of doing something that is immediately useful. But you can get great satisfaction by recognizing that your work in science is a part of history. " -- by Steven Weinberg (the 1979 Nobel Prize laureate in physics for his work on the theory of electroweak unification)

You are entitled to a reward of $15 if you are the first person to provide an algorithm that automatically produces the segmentation of me (like the right image) given the left image. (The right image is only for evaluation. Make use of it in the algorithm is unacceptable. )
赵 楠 (Nan Zhao)
PhD of computer science
Florida State University
Department of Computer Science
MCH, Room 114
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4530 - USA
Office: +1 850 645 2257
Email: nzhao AT cs DOT fsu DOT edu
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