Chapter 24. Input Subsystem

Table of Contents

struct ff_replay — defines scheduling of the force-feedback effect
struct ff_trigger — defines what triggers the force-feedback effect
struct ff_envelope — generic force-feedback effect envelope
struct ff_constant_effect — defines parameters of a constant force-feedback effect
struct ff_ramp_effect — defines parameters of a ramp force-feedback effect
struct ff_condition_effect — defines a spring or friction force-feedback effect
struct ff_periodic_effect — defines parameters of a periodic force-feedback effect
struct ff_rumble_effect — defines parameters of a periodic force-feedback effect
struct ff_effect — defines force feedback effect
struct input_dev — represents an input device
struct input_handler — implements one of interfaces for input devices
struct input_handle — links input device with an input handler
struct ff_device — force-feedback part of an input device
input_event — report new input event
input_inject_event — send input event from input handler
input_grab_device — grabs device for exclusive use
input_release_device — release previously grabbed device
input_open_device — open input device
input_close_device — close input device
input_get_keycode — retrieve keycode currently mapped to a given scancode
input_set_keycode — assign new keycode to a given scancode
input_allocate_device — allocate memory for new input device
input_free_device — free memory occupied by input_dev structure
input_set_capability — mark device as capable of a certain event
input_register_device — register device with input core
input_unregister_device — unregister previously registered device
input_register_handler — register a new input handler
input_unregister_handler — unregisters an input handler
input_register_handle — register a new input handle
input_unregister_handle — unregister an input handle
input_ff_upload — upload effect into force-feedback device
input_ff_erase — erase a force-feedback effect from device
input_ff_event — generic handler for force-feedback events
input_ff_create — create force-feedback device
input_ff_destroy — frees force feedback portion of input device
input_ff_create_memless — create memoryless force-feedback device