BGP Security Related Papers

Here is a small collection of papers I've found relating BGP and in particular work that has been done to secure BGP. This list is by far complete, and I will keep growing it as my research goes on. If you find or know about papers on the subject that are not listed here, I would thank you if you can reference them tom me. All the papers have been collected for academic porpuses and should not be distributed, unless permited by the author/s, please keep in mind that I'm keeping this list only for my research.

* Butler K., Farley T., McDaniel P., Rexford J., "A Survey of BGP Security"
* Geoffrey Goodell,William Aiello, Timothy Griffin, John Ioannidis, Patrick McDaniel, Aviel Rubin, "Working Around BGP: An Incremental Approach to Improving Security and Accuracy of Interdomain Routing"
* Stephen Kent, Charles Lynn, Joanne Mikkelson, and Karen Seo, "Secure Border Gateway Protocol (S-BGP) Real World Performance and Deployment Issues"
* Steven M. Bellovin, Emden R. Gansner, "Using Link Cuts to Attack Internet Routing"
* Steve Bellovin, Randy Bush, Timothy G. Griffin, and Jennifer Rexford, "Slowing Routing Table Growth by Filtering Based on Address Allocation Policies"
* William Aiello, John Ioannidis, Patrick McDaniel, "Origin Authentication in Interdomain Routing"
* Dan Boneh, Craig Gentry, "Aggregate and Veri ably Encrypted Signatures from Bilinear Maps"
* Hari Balakrishnan, Karthik Lakshminarayanan, Sylvia Ratnasamy, "A Layered Naming Architecture for the Internet"
* Michael J. Freedman, Mythili Vutukuru, Nick Feamster, Hari Balakrishnan, Geographic Locality of IP Prefixes
* Venkata Padmanabhan, Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, An Investigation of Geographic Mapping Techniques for Internet Hosts
* Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, Tom Anderson, Understanding BGP Misconfigurations
* Mohit Lad, Dan Massey, Dan Pei, PHAS: A Prefix Hijack Alert System
* Soon-Tee Teoh, Kwan-Liu Ma, S. Felix Wu, Dan Massey, Xiao-Liang Zhao, Dan Pei, Lan Wang, Lixia Zhang, Randy Bush, Visual-based Anomaly Detection for BGP Origin AS Change (OASC) Events
* Haowen Chan, Debabrata Dash, Adrian Perring, Hui Zhang, Modeling Adoptability of Secure BGP Protocols
* Zhuoqing Morley Mao, Jennifer Rexford, Jia Wang, Randy H. Katz, Towards an Accurate AS-Level Traceroute Tool
* Xiaoliang Zhao, Dan Pei, Lan Wang, Dan Massey, Allison Mankin, S. Felix Wu, Lixia Zhang, An Analysis of BGP Multiple Origin AS (MOAS) Conflicts