Mustakimur R. Khandaker (Mustakim)

Mustakimur Rahman Khandaker
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System and Software Security Researcher

102A MCH Building
Department of Computer Science
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306
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Phone: (850) 999-3635
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Key ID - 1CA1D1F4 Fingerprint - 8C1B D520 AF1A 4A6E 60DE 24B4 A9EE 37D9 1CA1 D1F4


I will join Department of Computer Science, University of Georgia in Fall 2020 as Tenure-track Assistant Professor.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Florida State University (FSU), advised by Dr. Zhi Wang on system and software security research.
My research focuses on designing software protection techniques, introducing a new attack model, automatize vulnerability detection, and exploitation generation, and helping software upgrade method. Due to the nature of my research topics, my research area spans to the compiler, programming languages, software engineering, operating system, computer architecture, and distributed systems.
My researches have published in top-tier security and system conferences (USENIX Security, ASPLOS), awarded the best paper award in EuroS&P, a flagship security conference in Europe.
I was a graduate teaching assistant from 2015-2017 at Florida State University. I am a recipient of the Graduate Teaching Assistant Award and nominated for the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. I was a guest speaker on graduate computer security classes and Baidu X-lab weekly security workshops.
Leisure: Reading, Traveling, Gardening, and Sports.





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