FSU COP4610 / CGS 5765
Principles of Operating Systems (Fall 2011)

Mark Stanovich (stanovic@cs.fsu.edu)
Office: 207
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10-11am, or by appointment

Teaching Assistant
Bobby Roy
Office location: 105E
Office hours: 11:00-12:00 Thursday, or by appointment
email: roy@cs.fsu.edu

Meeting Times
M W F 09:05 - 09:55 AM (LOV 103)
F 11:15 AM - 12:05 PM (LOV 301)
M 02:30 PM - 03:20 PM (LOV 103)


[Aug 29] First day of class

[Sep 02] Lab website can be found here

[Sep 07] Homework 1 posted here

[Sep 18] Homework 1 grades posted on Blackboard

[Sep 21] Quiz 1 (in class)

[Sep 30] Quiz 2 (beginning of class)

[Oct 3] Answers to quizzes and homeworks here

[Oct 12] Test 1 grades posted on blackboard. Grade distribution available here.

[Oct 14] Don't forget to send your lab machine number to Bobby or myself. Also, change your passwords.

[Oct 17] I will be attending a conference in Prague and will not be in the office from Oct. 19 - 21.

[Oct 17] The door to lab MCH202 should remain closed and should NOT be left open for any reason.

[Oct 25] Grades posted for Quiz #3 and Homework #3. Please check your grades on blackboard.

[Nov 05] Homework #4 answers posted here.

[Nov 15] Test 2 grades posted on blackboard. Grade distribution for test 2.

[Nov 18] Test 2 answers along with test 1 (without answers) posted here.

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