Research Papers in ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization)


Fine-grained ASLR:

Binary Stirring: Self-randomizing Instruction Addresses of Legacy x86 Binary Code[32] [33]

ILR: Where’d my gadgets go?[34]

Smashing the gadgets: Hindering return-oriented programming using in-place code randomization[35]


Runtime ASLR:

Remix: On-demand Live Randomization[36] [37]

Timely Rerandomization for Mitigating Memory Disclosures[38]


ASLR for Forked-Children:

How to Make ASLR Win the Clone Wars: Runtime Re-Randomization[39]


Enhanced ASLR for Shared Libraries:

Oxymoron: Making Fine-Grained Memory Randomization Practical by Allowing Code Sharing[40]